Resources in Search and Rescue 

From a K-9 Perspective...

Mom’s cell phone goes off in the middle of the night. She gets up and puts on her uniform! She’s grabbing our gear! I’m at the door jumping and barking with excitement! We hurry to the car. Soon we drive up to a place with flashing lights and noise everywhere. I am so excited! Mom gets out of the car first to get our assignment. She comes back, gets me out of the car and puts my vest and bell on. Then a few other people join us. They are wearing different uniforms, but they are part of my team. I need to check them all so I know they belong to us. Then we walk over to the edge of the woods. She whispers to me, “are you ready?” She unhooks my lead and says “search”. Off I go, running into the night. Suddenly, I get the faint scent of a person. I know they are not part of my team. Following my nose, I work the scent. As I get closer and closer I get so excited, I run as fast as I can. I start to hear a soft whimper. Then I find him! He's just a little boy, cold and scared, hiding under a pine tree. He seems happy to hear my bell and see me. I wish I could tell him that I'll be right back with my Mom and the others. So, I give him a quick lick then turn around and run as fast as I can to tell my mom. I smell her in the dark and head right for her. I jump on her as hard as I can to tell her I found someone. Then she follows me back to the boy. Mom gently talks to him and tells him everything is going to be OK and we are going to bring him home. The others take over and check him out and talk softly to him. Then Mom throws my ball to me and tells me what a great job I did!  I lead the way back to the flashing red and blue lights and everyone cheers when we come out of the woods with the little boy. Lots of people pet me. Not sure what the fuss is about - just doing my job as a search and rescue K-9. 


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