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Resources in Search and Rescue is a 501(c)(3) not-profit organization.



We promote the prevention of lost and missing people by offering educational programs and demonstrations. Our team members are available for demonstrations and safe hiking talks for Civic groups, Scout groups, 4H, Fairs and Festivals.

We offer several classes and presentations for Fire, EMS and Police Departments​: 

​Working with K-9 search teams: Learn what RSAR K-9’s do, how they can assist your agency and what to expect when working with a SAR K-9.

Navigation: Learn how to read / use a topographical map, compass and GPS independently and collectively.

Search Profiling for at Risk Populations: Learn the statistics behind lost person behaviors of Alzheimer, dementia, autistic, despondent / suicidal and psychiatric patients to help manage searches for the best possible outcome. Learn what medical issues may arise from these behaviors to be prepared to treat these patients.

Search Drills: Head out to the woods and work directly with our K-9 teams. Practice your field skills, extractions and multi-agency collaboration.   ​

Resources in Search and Rescue